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Merkle Tally Tree

tallytree implements merkle tally tree.

This is an implementation of Merkle Tally Tree in Rust. Merkle Tally Trees provide an efficient tally of an electronic vote. It scales to millions of votes, while still being able to prove efficiently to every voter that the tally was fair. Using merkle tally tree, you can create:

  • Efficient proof that a vote was tallied in a result (vote included).
  • Efficient proof that a vote was not tallied in a result (vote excluded).
  • Efficient proof of number of ballots included in the tally (no ballot withholding).


Functions to generate a merkle tally tree.

Functions for hashing nodes in the merkle tally tree.

Functions for navigating the merkle tally tree.

Node in a merkle tally tree.

Generate and validate proofs using the merkle tally tree.

Serialize nodes and proofs

Functions for tallying votes

Functions for string conversions.

Functions used for tests and benchmarks.


How to treat Merkle tree (in)consistency

Type Definitions

A reference to a vote.